We intend to bring the silent, but epidemic pelvic floor dysfunctions to the forefront and assist Women with the latest treatment options.

Education and Empowerment is key to this mission.

Lalitha Gurram


Lalitha Gurram is the founder & clinical director of World of Women’s Physio. With over 15 years of experience, her expertise is in the management of bladder and bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pessary fitting, pelvic pain, antenatal & postnatal care and enabling women to lead better lives.

After graduating from Charles Sturt University, my interest in women’s health began when I was working in the maternity ward at Grafton Base Hospital. I immediately understood how meaningful and essential it was for women to have a health advocate coaching their team, especially during childbirth and postpartum period. It had a profound impact on me, which planted a seed that grew over time.

This led me to pursue Masters in Women’s Health & Continence from Curtin University. My years of experience in major hospitals like Royal North Shore, Westmead Children’s & Norwest Private has taught me to appreciate the interrelation of the human body’s systems with one another and the importance of focusing on the whole individual in order to help with a patient’s treatment.

Every woman is unique and I’m constantly reminded of that through my clients. I enjoy the challenge that different cases and injuries present, with the necessity to tailor a unique treatment program for each individual.

I love working with individuals of different ages, backgrounds and cultures. I find treating women incredibly rewarding and feel strongly about the role Physiotherapy can play in improving a woman’s quality of life.

Aline Filipe


Aline Filipe is The Pelvic Tuner, a Pelvic floor Physiotherapist and women’s health and nutrition coach with a special interest in Pelvic health, advocacy and research. With 11 years of experience as a Physiotherapist she is extremely passionate about her work in pelvic health and pain, particularly in chronic pelvic pain and pain during sex.

During puberty Aline was affected by debilitating pelvic pain which frequently prevented her from going to school or even leaving the house. This eventually resulted in a strong passion to focus her career on the impact and treatment of Pelvic pain in both women and men.

While known for her thirst for knowledge and love of helping to empower patients to find the best path for their health needs, Aline has been involved in research in pelvic pain and is an active committee member of the Australian Physiotherapy association and a Secretary of the NSW Society of Australian Sexologists.

Aline has a PGDip from Portugal and completed her Masters in Continence and Pelvic Physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth. Additionally she is currently working on finishing her Diploma in Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling.

Roshini Nadarajah


Roshini has over 10 years experience as a physiotherapist and is in the final stages of completing her Masters in Women’s Health & Continence from Curtin University. She has worked across maternity hospitals in Brisbane and Perth.

She is now back in the western suburbs of Sydney where she feels a strong affiliation towards the diverse community she grew up in. She is focused on providing much needed women’s health services back to this community.

Her passion for women’s health is ever growing and she hopes to enrich women with the education, care, and management of their concerns across each stage of their lifespan.

In her spare time she enjoys yoga, meditation, running, hiking and piano playing.

We look forward to being a part of your journey and helping you achieve your goals.