Our main aim is to provide the best treatment options to suit your goals, assist and help navigate the ambiguous road of pelvic floor health and provide clinical tools that can be applied to your everyday activities. Let World of Women transform your life for the better!


It is our wish that you leave our care feeling empowered to take control of your pelvic floor health.

  • Bladder Dysfunctions

    Incontinence is the lack of voluntary control over urination. Incontinence affects more women than men and increases with age. It can occur during activities that increases abdominal pressures like coughing, lifting, jumping, running and laughing... Find out more
  • Bowel Issues & Prolapse

    Bowel issues refer to problems with passing stools. This may lead to the unwanted passage of stool, called faecal incontinence. This can be stressful to deal with. But don’t feel embarrassed about talking to your health care professional, as help is available... Find out more
  • Pelvic Pain Dysfunctions

    Pelvic floor muscle spasm occurs from trauma to and/or around pelvis, back and abdomen including, joint misalignment, pelvic fracture, habitual postures, strenuous physical activity, childbirth, sexual abuse, surgery and pelvic inflammation... Find out more
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum

    Pregnancy and childbirth put extra strain on your body especially on your pelvic floor, back, pelvis and abdominals. Some of them result in pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing pain with walking, climbing up the stairs, getting in and out of bed, putting on a dress, you need to see your pelvic physio... Find out more
  • Exercise Programs & Pilates

    Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on strengthening core postural muscles, build lean muscles, improve flexibility and balance control of the muscles thereby stressing on using the correct body alignment. Pilates connects movement with breathing, assisting to integrate mind and body... Find out more
  • Emsella Chair

    Feel Empowered & Confident with EMSELLA, A New Leap in Science & Technology to create a non-invasive incontinence treatment. It is a safe, painless & effective treatment approved by TGA/FDA. A single EMSELLA session induces thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions by using high intensity electromagnetic energy to help strengthen and restore your pelvic floor. Better yet, it acts as a Walk-in Walk-out treatment for those busy women with limited time... Find out more