At World of Women, we offer Pilates & Personalised Exercise Programs

  •  Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates
  •  Physio Led Pregnancy Class
  •  Mums and Bubs

Exercise prescription as a part of rehabilitation is one of our mainstays to treatment approaches. Our pelvic floor physio will target specific and safe exercise programmes for you from the early stage of pregnancy to getting back to your favourite sport post-delivery.

Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on strengthening core postural muscles, build lean muscles, improve flexibility and balance control of the muscles thereby stressing on using the correct body alignment. Pilates connects movement with breathing, assisting to integrate mind and body.

Prenatal Pilates and exercise programmes are valuable to help your body adjust during the different stages of pregnancy, remain fit and prepare for child birth in the most favourable condition.

Postnatal exercise classes focus on pelvic floor and core retraining, abdominal muscle strengthening and help you get back into shape, fitness and safely prepare your return to sport and activities.

We endeavour to encourage self-management and to empower the patient through recovery and prevention of future problems. Improvement is best achieved with repetitions and adherence.

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